Raccoon Overindulges After Breaking Into Liquor Warehouse

Some raccoons just can’t handle their alcohol.

Newly legal drinkers often go a little overboard and wind up stumbling, getting sick and often not remembering what happened the night before. This is apparently true for raccoons as well. One such raccoon, whose identity he wished to keep hidden, recently broke into a warehouse that was stocked with liquor. Known for being a little wild and tearing through neighborhood trashcans and such, it was not surprising to learn that this raccoon got into the stock and tried some for himself. He claims he did because he has never been domesticated or considered a “pet,” much to his dismay (he blames the lack of rabies vaccination and has since boycotted all veterinary practices). He refused to say if he would ever try alcohol again, though by the looks of the video, in which he’s stumbling and falling over, it may be quite some time before he does. Best to keep such negative influences away from your rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals.

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