Raccoon Dogs Are Real And The Internet Has Officially Fallen In Love

Photos of a "raccoon dog" named Tanu have left many of us confused, but also a little obsessed.

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Nope, this is not a raccoon. It's a tanuki named Tanu. Via chibi_tori/Twitter
Chrissa Hardy

Meet Tanu, a fascinating creature who’s about to steal your heart.

Tanu is a tanuki, which is often referred to as a “raccoon dog.” Tanuki are not actually raccoons, but rather members of the canid family, which includes wolves and domestic dogs. They are often found in the forests of Eastern Asia, tend to hibernate during winter (or at least sleep a lot) and weigh 14 to 16 pounds at full size, according to Zoo Atlanta.

Tanu the tanuki is a household pet in Japan who was rescued after being abandoned as a baby, RocketNews24 reports. His new family often posts pictures of him being his adorable self on Twitter @chibi_tori. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Tanu is just a pup, lying in front of his owners, asking them to rub his belly.

“Belly scratch, please.” 2. He makes it through the cold winter days by napping in front of a heater.

Warm and toasty.

3. And he naps hard.

“Wake me up when winter’s over.” 4. But he does get to go outside… whether he likes it or not.

“What is this white stuff?”

5. He’s nailed the classic dog ear scratch.

Never has a non-dog looking creature looked so much like a dog before. 6. And he, naturally, loves snacks on snacks on snacks. 

Tanu loves food as much as anyone — dog or otherwise.

7. He even plays with toys, just like a regular dog.

But he’d really prefer another bowl of food, TBH.

8. Are you in love yet?

How about now?

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