Rabbits And Guinea Pig With The Munchies

This cute video shows happy rabbits and a lone guinea pig enjoying a lettuce feast.

What gets me most about this video is the sound of munching. Munch, munch, munch. Have you heard bunnies munch? Munch, munch, munch. It’s pretty adorable. 

But in addition to the oh-so-cute sound effect, there’s some pretty nice camera work going on by the channel owner, BunnyLuv. From close-ups of the faces to a view of the tails, it’s got a lot of bunny cuteness on display. And you can’t miss the shot from the food bowl near the end. A curious  — or maybe just hungry — rabbit gives us an extreme close-up of his nose. 

That’s not all that’s going on. The video also has some pretty sweet editing happening, especially around 0:55 when still shots are cut quickly to match the music. Then, at 1:00, the adventure flips into high gear when the video speed is sped up. That’s right. Bunny cuteness in fast motion. Can you stand it?

Part of the joy of the video is the sheer number of rabbits. The credits at the end name 12, and I’m guessing one is the guinea pig, so that means there are 11 rabbits hopping in and our of the lettuce party. Seems like the perfect number for a special treat. 

For anyone who might have been wondering about the lettuce, the channel owner posted that it is not iceberg lettuce. 

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