Rabbit Won’t Go Back To Habitat To Use Litter Box

Can rabbits be trained to return to their habitat to use a litter box?

Q: My bunny has a beautiful house we built it in our family room downstairs. Bella – Bella wants to go to this one corner of the room and poop and pee, even though her door is open to get to her litter box when she is roaming free. What can I do to stop this behavior?

A: First of all is she spayed? A rabbit that is spayed is much better using litter boxes than a rabbit that is not spayed.

Second, make sure her litter box is large enough for her to lie down in and that you have rabbit-safe litter on the bottom and hay piled on top. Rabbits need a big litter box full of hay, because they like to spend lots of time in there and graze on the hay.

It sounds like your rabbit has marked her territory in the family room. For now, add another litter box where she is going to the bathroom outside her living quarters. Then slowly move it toward her living area until it is right next to her living area, then move it inside. After a few days of having two litter boxes in her living quarters, remove the second litter box.

When you do this, make sure that you thoroughly clean the corner that she has been pooping and peeing in to get rid of the scent.

Many people do have two litter boxes for their rabbits, one in the rabbit’s living quarters and one in the runabout area.

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