Rabbit Won’t Eat With Owner Away

What’s the answer when a rabbit goes on a hunger strike when its owner is away?

Q: I have a 1-year-and-7-month-old, white, lionhead rabbit. I have had her since she was a baby, and she has become very attached to me. I went on vacation for four days and had my roommate look after her. She stayed in my room, where she always stays, out and about. When I came back, my roommate told me she hadn’t eaten in four days, aside from some yogurt drops. Now, every time I want to go away, I get worried she won’t eat and then something horrible will happen to her, like she could die from starvation. I want to go visit my parents for two weeks, but I cannot take her with me. What do I do?
A: Oh no. This is not good. I suggest that you go to your local rabbit rescue and do some bunny dates to find another rabbit to live with her. Rabbits do much better living with another rabbit or two. This way when you are not home, your rabbits have each other. They will play together, sleep together and eat together.

Be careful about the treats you give. Treats containing lots of sugar are not good for rabbits. Try to feed healthy treats like rose petals or small slices of carrot or low-sugar fruits like blueberries. And unlimited hay in the litter box is a must.

Once you see your rabbit living with another rabbit, you will see how in love they are. They bond for life. Some people worry that their rabbit won’t be as close to them, but that is far from the truth. Instead of having one rabbit nudging your hand for ear strokes or following you to the refrigerator for veggies, you will have two!

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