Rabbit Shows Off Athleticism at Canadian Football Game

This rabbit should probably be awarded MVP for this game.

This fast-running rabbit deserves a spot on the team.
Rabbits are great athletes and they want the world to know it. Sure, if you see one in the wild they’ll show off how fast they are in a game of tag (note: you’re always it and the rabbit always wins). But they decided they were ready to give us humans a little more of what they can do. The Board of Directors of the International Rabbit Athletics League met with all the rabbits and agreed to the decision.

First they tackled baseball, with their top pinch runner rounding the bases at record speed. Then, their best race car driver (minus the race car) banked the turns at Bristol Motor Speedway with such precision that all the human drivers had to just stop and watch. Now they’re at it again, but this time they chose to conquer football.

While Canadian Football League teams Edmonton Eskimos and Calgary Stampeders played, the rabbits watched. Their best football-playing rabbit couldn’t stand it any longer and ran onto the field mid-game. This of course halted the event, and while the rabbit made no contact with the football, he did make a leap that was clearly his touchdown dance, because, you know, if he’d been passed the ball he totally would have scored and won the game.


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