Rabbit, Run, Hop, Play!

Discover the playful side of your rabbit using toys, games and interaction.

Rabbit Run Hop PlayThe chase was on! Mayor Munchkin peeked his head around the corner and pulled it back out of sight. Then he poked his little head out again. As soon as I rounded the corner, he paused long enough for me to get in reach, but then he darted off, clicking his heels in delight, as if to say, “Fooled you again!”

Then it was my turn, I took off running; a ball of white and black fur was hot on my heels. I stopped in my tracks, turned around, and Mayor Munchkin did an about-face, ready for another round of cat-and-mouse. This game was by far my American Fuzzy lop rabbit’s favorite, but it was only one of many ways he played.
To think that rabbits are laze-about pets is wrong. Given an environment that makes it feel right at home, a rabbit can really “let loose.” Once you discover your rabbit’s playful side, there’s no turning back. Why not try some of the following games and activities with your bun?

For the full article, pick up the 2010 issue of Critters USA or click here to buy the issue.

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