Rabbit Real Estate 101

The newest bunny abodes are more spacious and sturdy than ever before.

Rabbit Real Estate 101Pancakes, a 1-year-old mixed-breed bunny, has discovered her dream home. The well-appointed 540-square-inch abode features an open floor plan with a spacious loft that overlooks her cozy living space, which comes complete with an en suite bathroom, a stainless-steel kitchen and a wood-paneled den. She enjoys cushy wall-to-wall bedding, chewable designer décor and sweeping views out her floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Sure, it’s only a cage, but this mini mansion means luxury to the caramel-colored lagomorph, and she has her owner and quasi-real estate broker, Molly Harrington, to thank. Before Harrington adopted Pancakes from a pet store near her California home, she scoured the Internet and consulted with bunny experts before selecting the right dwelling for her soon-to-be pet.   

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