Rabbit Racer Hits Speedway

A wild rabbit put a stop to racing practice at the Bristol Motor Speedway and showed off his fleet feet.

rabbit on racetrack
Via Fox Sports/YouTube  
This hopping rabbit can really bank those turns!

You know that feeling when you’re someplace you shouldn’t be? Like being on the wrong plane, in the wrong classroom or at the wrong meeting? You just want to run and hide right? Magnify that by a thousand, and you might understand what this little rabbit was feeling last month when he crashed the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.  The red flag gets used for many reasons, but a runaway rabbit is a rare one. 

The Bristol Motor Speedway is in Bristol, Tennessee. According to its website, it’s a track where drivers really have to earn a win, as it’s a difficult track notable for its high banks.  The oval track is a little more than a half-mile long and has banks on the turns that range from 26 to 30 degrees. The banking is critical, and you can hear the announcers comment on the rabbit’s banking. His style apparently found favor. 

The concrete surface had to be a bit tough on the rabbit’s feet though. Rabbits do not have paw pads to absorb shocks or cushion them, only fur. 

Despite being surrounded by concrete, the rabbit gets up some real speed, which hinders efforts to capture him. Anyone who has ever tried to catch a rabbit can sympathize with what they were going through. I had to smile at the optimism shown by the person who brought a bucket to the fray. 

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You have to expect the unexpected at a race. Things change quickly, but as the announcer says, “Who knew this was gonna be home to the Rabbit Catching World Finals?”

The NASCAR website reported that the rabbit eventually ran into the infield and it was unknown if he would appear again.  Thanks, NASCAR, for protecting this rabbit and sharing this moment of furry fun.

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