Rabbit Plays With Owner’s Hair

Why would a rabbit play with its owner’s hair?

Q: My bunny loves my hair. Whenever I put him near it, he goes crazy, makes a noise and tries to play with it. Why does he do that? He is not neutered.

A: It sounds like your rabbit is very hormonal because he is not neutered. Male rabbits want to mate when they are not neutered, and because you are his caretaker he will become attracted to you. He probably likes the smell of your hair and when he is near you starts telling you by making these noises and playing with it.

Often male rabbits spray and fail to use their litter box too well. Neutering your rabbit should stop such behavior and the fascination with your hair. Make sure you choose a veterinarian who is rabbit-knowledgeable. My organization, The Bunny Bunch, has a list of questions on its website that you can ask a vet to see how well he or she knows rabbits.

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