Rabbit Personalities Deciphered

Get to know the six main types of rabbit personalities.

Rabbit Personalities DecipheredRabbits — sweet, furry, cuddly, cute balls of fun. That’s what most people think of when it comes to rabbits. Is it true? Well some of it is, but there is a lot more to the rabbit personality than most people realize.

Factors Affecting Personality
“Do you think a rabbit is more like a cat or a dog?” I get asked this all the time by people who come to The Bunny Bunch, my rabbit rescue organization in Southern California. I really don’t think rabbits are like either cats or dogs. Cats and dogs have lived in homes as pets for thousands of years, whereas rabbits have just become popular household pets throughout the last 20 years.

Cats are independent, loving, friendly and easily settle into a home. Dogs are loyal, they follow you around wanting attention, they love to play and adore their people. Both cats and dogs are predators, and usually are not afraid of people and most household animals.  

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