Rabbit Is Major Character In Upcoming Movie, The Secret Life Of Pets

The cute, white rabbit is named Snowball and voiced by Kevin Hart, but he seems to be a rabbit with extreme attitude.

rabbit and other animals
Via Illumination/YouTube 
What is Snowball the rabbit plotting?

With 2016 well on its way, the movie lineups are coming fast and furious. One recently released trailer for “The Secret Life Of Pets” features a cute, white rabbit. Well, cute until you see what trouble he gets up to. The movie features an entire array of animals, including dogs, cats, rabbit, snake, pig, lizard and more. 

The movie is from the creators of the “Despicable Me” series, and voice talent includes Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet, Kevin Hart and many others. Hart plays the white rabbit, whose name is Snowball. A post on the official Facebook page states that: “Kevin Hart is Snowball. He’s insanely cute, also insane.”

Judging by the trailer, that’s a pretty accurate description of the Snowball character. The movie is scheduled to be released in summer 2016. Will you be rooting for Snowball? 
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