Rabbit Has Moving Lump Under Chin

Is it a concern if a rabbit has a lump under its chin that moved?

Q: My bunny, Snowball, has had a lump under the front of her neck for three years or more. Her vet knows about it and did not say anything about it. The last two weeks or so, the lump moved to the right side of her neck. She has been eating well and seems her happy self. I am wondering what it could be. Should I take her to see her vet?

A: I would recommend you take your rabbit back to your veterinarian for a checkup. Although veterinarians are always concerned about “lumps” on rabbits, they usually represent abscesses or less commonly cancer.

Lumps can also be something called a lipoma. A lipoma is an accumulation of fatty tissue that is not a serious problem. Veterinarians rarely remove lipomas and only become concerned if these become very enlarged or infected.

But lipomas should not move from one side to another side. For this reason, I would return to your veterinarian and see why the lump moved to another side of the neck.

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