Rabbit Drinking Water Concern

Is it safe for rabbits to drink water with a high iron content?

Q: I have been giving my rabbits city water because our well water is high in iron. I was curious if this was the right thing to do or, even though high in iron, the well water would be better?

A: We do not have the studies to tell you exactly what concentration of iron or other elements would be too high for a rabbit to consume over what period of time. The easiest answer for you is this: If the water is acceptable for human consumption, then it should be acceptable for rabbit consumption.

The one thing I will add though is that elements like iron can change the taste of the water. If your rabbit is picky about these types of things, it may be that your rabbit will not drink the well water. This means you may need to change to city water just due to the taste but not because of a perceived health hazard with your well water.

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