Rabbit Diet Changes

Do rabbits need a varied diet?

Q: Is it good on a rabbit to switch foods every once in awhile? If so, what can be done to help the transition?

A: Rather than switching foods, it is most important to feed rabbits the correct foods. We know more about rabbit nutrition than we have ever known. We know that one of the most important things to do is to include high amounts of fiber in the rabbit’s diet.

I recommend different types of hays and grasses. You can switch around to different types of hays and grasses to give your rabbit a change. I also recommend certain types of fresh vegetables, especially those with high amounts of fiber. You can also switch around those, too, as you feed your rabbit. Pellets are a controversial component of the rabbit’s diet because some people believe pellets should be a substantial part of the rabbit’s diet, some believe limited amounts of pellets are safe and some believe a diet of no pellets is the best approach. I believe that most people would agree that if you feed pellets to your rabbit, feed a limited amount of high-fiber pellets.

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