Rabbit Bites After Being Neutered

Why would a rabbit nip after being neutered?

Q: My bunny started nipping me after he got neutered. I’m not sure what that means. Do you have any ideas?
A: Sometimes rabbits will nip you to get your attention. Often when I am stroking my rabbits or scratching their ears, they give me a nudge if I stop as a reminder that they want me to carry on. If I ignore that reminder, the next reminder may be a nip.
Another reason is if you have different smells on you, especially if it is the smell of another rabbit. Nipping could also be caused by his hormones. Once a rabbit is neutered it can take a few weeks for the hormones to die down.
I doubt that the nipping has anything to do with the neuter; more likely, it’s one of the above reasons.

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