Rabbit Agility Gaining Popularity

Rabbits get to show off their moves at events in a sport called rabbit agility or rabbit hopping that’s gaining more fans.

rabbit at hurdle
Via CBC News  
Hurdles are just one of the obstacles rabbits faced at the Vancouver Rabbit Agility Club’s 11th Annual Rabbit Festival.

Rabbits hop, of course, but have you ever seen rabbits hop through an obstacle course? It’s quite a sight that frequently features hurdles, tunnels, teeter-totters and more, and visitors to the 11th Annual Rabbit Festival in Vancouver this weekend got to see it firsthand, thanks to the Vancouver Rabbit Agility Club. Another event that had rabbit agility this weekend was the Bunny Bunch Expo in Southern California. 

If you’re eager to see an event in person or to train your rabbit for rabbit agility, just check around for a rabbit hopping or agility club, or check with local rabbit rescues. There are variations on the types of courses used between different clubs and organizations, so be sure to compare if you have a choice. 

Rabbit Hopping Is Fun For Rabbits And Owners 

The Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club began about a decade ago, and both the American Hopping Association For Rabbits And Cavies and the Rabbit Hopping Society of Australia began just a couple of years ago. The sport seems to have begun in Sweden around 1980 and spread to Denmark, according to the rabbit hopping website by Aase and Rasmus Bjerner. A quick Internet search reveals rabbit agility clubs in Seattle and San Diego, and I’m sure there are more.

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