Quiz: Which Cat Litter Is Right For You?

Take our 10-question cat litter quiz to find the best filler for your cat's litterbox.

With all the cat litter choices on the market, selecting the right type for you and your cats can be tough. Take this 10-question pop-quiz to help you sift through the confusion and pick the best cat litter for your household.

1) When I shop for pet food and supplies, I tend to buy:
A. Items of good quality that I can afford
B. Environmentally responsible items that are good for my cat and the planet
C. The top-recommended products on the shelf, regardless of price
D. Things that find another use for materials before they wind up in the landfill

2) I would best describe my cat’s living situation as:
A. Mainly outdoor with unrestricted access to a cat-safe garage and yard
B. Queen of a tight studio apartment
C. A life of luxury inside a single family home
D. Free to roam indoors and out through a pet door

3) I share my home with ____:
A. A pride of cats, including a few feral friends from the neighborhood
B. Three furballs
C. A pair of feisty felines
D. One spoiled kitty

4) When choosing a cat litter, budget is:
A. Very important
B. Somewhat important
C. Not an issue at all
D. Secondary to its eco-friendliness

5) When considering the environmental friendliness of a cat litter, I’m mainly concerned with:
A. The environment is not a huge concern
B. Being able to dispose of the urine-soiled litter in my compost bin
C. Repurposing materials from the human waste stream
D. Products that recycle existing materials

6) I typically purchase my cat litter at:
A. The grocery store, like Safeway
B. A department store, like Target
C. A big-box pet chain store, like Petco
D. An independent pet-specialty store

7) My litterbox-scooping habits tend to be:
A. I clean the litterbox when I can, typically a couple of times a week
B. I scoop every other day or so
C. When my cat exits the box, I’m waiting with scoop in hand
D. At least once a day

8) I tend to dispose of my cat’s used litter by:
A. Scooping it into a plastic bag and tossing it in the trash
B. Putting the clumps in the trash and using the urine-soiled litter in my flower garden
C. Scooping the poop into a biodegradable bag and throwing it in the garbage
D. B and C

9) I would describe my cat as:
A. An intrepid outdoor bug and rodent hunter
B. Happy, healthy and well cared for
C. My best friend and confidant
D. The greenest cat in the neighborhood

10) My cat’s litterbox lives:
A. In the garage or outdoor shed
B. In our living space
C. In the bathroom – where else?
D. In the laundry room

When you’re done, count the number of As, Bs, Cs an Ds.

If you answered mostly As, you’re probably in the market for a budget-minded clay or clumping clay litter. These inexpensive yet highly effective options are easy to shop for, great at absorbing moisture, and somewhat good at minimizing odor.

If you answered mostly Bs, you may want to consider a pine-based clumping or non-clumping litter. These affordable yet eco-friendly options are also easy to find at most shopping outlets, they’re good at absorbing moisture, and very good at minimizing odor, leaving behind a fresh pine scent.    

If you answered mostly Cs, a corn- or wheat-based litter, clumping or non-clumping, is for you. Very good at wicking moisture and managing odor, these earth friendly litters can be more expensive than clay or pine – but your feline baby is worth it!

If you answered mostly Ds, consider a litter made from recycled newsprint. This type of substrate does a good job at soaking up moisture and controlling odor, but its main benefit is that it finds another use for a material before it heads to the landfill, making it easier on landfills.

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