Quiz: The Working and Herding Groups

How well do you know the Working and Herding Groups? Test your knowledge with this quiz.

Do you know the color patterns that appear in the Great Dane breed standard? Do you know which corded breed can also be shown brushed? What about the serious faults found in the Pembroke Welsh Corgi standard? See just how much you know after you take this Working and Herding Group quiz.

1.  This breed owes its name to Basque shepherds.

2.  Boston and mantle are names of a color pattern that appears in this breed.

3.  This breed can come in Isabella, a distinctive shade of silvery fawn named for the historical figure.

4.  This breed is known as the Groenendael in most parts of the world.

5.  This breed is referred to as the “Cao de Agua” (dog of water) in its native country.

6.  This breed’s standard dictates that the dog should never be “raced around the ring with the head held high.”

7.  An Italian import of this breed went Best in Show at Westminster in the 1990s.

8.  This breed is known as the Do Khyi in the FCI.  What is its name in North America?

9.  This breed’s US parent club encourages judges to evaluate dogs using the “WHAM” factor (wrinkles, head and mass).

10.  One of the colors mentioned in this breed’s standard is “biscuit.”

11.  This breed is also known as the Blue Heeler.

12.  “Harness markings” are essential in this breed.

13.  One Working breed and one Herding breed allow the color pattern harlequin in their standards.

14.  This is the National Dog of Israel.

15.  One of this breed’s nicknames is Vuilbaard (dirty beard).

16.  Formentino is a dilute shade in this breed.

17.  The AKC standard for this corded breed also allows it to be shown brushed.

18.  “Whitelies” and “bluies” are considered very serious faults in this breed’s standard.

19.  The Appenzeller is the only member of this “family” of breeds not yet fully AKC recognized. What are the others?

20. A nickname for this breed is Bas Rouges (red stockings).

21.  Under “temperament,” this breed’s standard asks for a “combination of grandeur and good nature, courage and docility.”

22. This breed comes in two coat types: curly and wavy.

23.  This is the “Gamekeeper’s Night Dog.”

24. This breed was named New Hampshire’s State Dog in 2009.

25.  Originally these were the helper dogs of a tribe of semi-nomadic people known as the Sami.

26. This breed comes in a color pattern that was named for a painter.

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1. Australian Shepherd
2. Great Dane
3. Doberman Pinscher
4. Belgian Sheepdog
5. Portuguese Water Dog
6. Border Collie
7. Standard Schnauzer
8. Tibetan Mastiff
9. Neapolitan Mastiff
10. Samoyed
11. Australian Cattle Dog
12. Swedish Vallhund
13. Great Dane, Beauceron
14. Canaan Dog
15. Bouvier des Flandres
16. Cane Corso
17. Puli
18. Pembroke Welsh Corgi
19. Entlebucher Mountain Dog, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Bernese Mountain Dog
20. Beauceron
21. Mastiff
22. Portuguese Water Dog
23. Bullmastiff
24. Chinook
25. Finnish Lapphund
26. “Landseer” Newfoundland

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