Quiz Tests Art and Film Smarts by Putting Cats in all the Questions

Do you know the story behind the Mona Lisa or lines from The Sound of Music? What if they involved cats? Take this quiz and find out.

You have many quizzes to choose from online. And yet, many of them lack a compelling reason to take them. Find out where my soul should live? Enh. What’s my breakdancing crew name? I guess I could find out.

But here’s a quiz you’ll feel zero ambivalence about taking. The Guardian presents Tails of the Unexpected: The Craziest Cat Quiz Ever.

Click through to see if you know the story behind The Girl With The Pearl Earring. Find out whether Hitchcock wanted a plane or a threshing machine to threaten Cary Grant in North By Northwest.


Does adding cats to quizzes pique your interest in them? Where else should cats appear more often?

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