Quiz: How to Tell If Your Cat Likes (or Doesn?t Like) Your Significant Other

Does your cat like your boyfriend or girlfriend? Here are 10 questions to find whether it's love at first sight or a recipe for a cat fight.

You’ve finally snagged the guy or gal of your dreams, now the only thing standing in the way of true bliss is your cat counterpart. Take this quiz to find out whether your feline friend gives your new significant other two paws up, or whether he’d prefer seeing your new love take a hike!

1) Your significant other comes by for a Friday evening movie night. What is your cat’s reaction?
    a) Dive under the couch and stay there until your new love hits the road.
    b) Hangs around your guy/gal, but doesn’t allow petting.
    c) Curls up in his/her lap for a cuddle-fest.

2) During feeding times, if your new significant other is present, your cat will…?
    a) Skip meals and wait until he/she is gone before dining.
    b) Approach his food only if your new significant other is standing at a distance.
    c) Eat his meal as per usual.

3) When your new significant other is present, your cat…?
    a) Hisses, swats, hides, and runs away.
    b) Remains in the same room as him/her by sitting or sleeping, but ultimately keeps his    distance.
    c) Head butts, winds his body through his/her legs and ankles, and rubs his face against him/her.

4) To help acclimate your cat to your new significant other, you place articles of his/her clothing around your apartment/house so that he can adjust to the smell of your new love. What behavior does your cat display?
    a) Urinates on the clothing.
    b) Takes a curious sniff, then avoids it entirely.
    c) Curls up on the clothing and sleeps.

5) Your new significant other attempts to initiate playtime with your cat. What is kitty’s reaction?
    a) He growls and quickly exits the room.
    b) He cautiously engages in the game.
    c) He throws himself into the game wholeheartedly.

6) When your new significant other offers cat treats from his/her hands, what does your cat do?
    a) Refuse to take the treats until they are lying on the floor.
    b) Snatch them from his/her hand, but eat them on the other side of the room.
    c) Eat them directly from his/her hand, then wind his body through his/her legs as a show of thanks.

7) Your significant other sits on the floor to allow kitty to become familiar with him/her. How does your cat react?
    a) Tosses a quick glance in his/her direction, then continues on his way.
    b) Tentatively approaches him/her to investigate.
    c) Sidles over for a quick sniff, then allows him/her to rub his chin.

8) Whenever your significant other is present, your cat can be found where?
    a) Hiding under or inside anything he can find.
    b) Perched above him/her where he can keep a watch on his/her actions and movements.
    c) Anywhere your significant other is – be it on his/her lap, or curled up by his/her feet.

9) After meeting your significant other, your cat’s behavior…?
    a) Changes drastically – he stops using the litter box, and begins to be aggressive with everyone – including me!
    b) Changes slightly. He’s a bit more cautious, thinking a stranger may pop out at any moment, but overall he’s good.
    c) Doesn’t change at all. His behavior remains entirely the same.

10) Whenever your new significant other pops in for a visit, you delegate the duty of feeding your cat to him/her. How does your cat react?
    a) He refuses to eat entirely unless I feed him.
    b) He eats heartily – but only once my significant other has left the room, or the house/apartment.
    c) He greedily gobbles up the food the moment it hits the floor!

Count up how many answers of each letter – A, B, or C – you selected; now use the answer guide below to see how what your cat thinks of your significant other.

Mostly A’s – I Don’t Really Like You
Kitty’s refusal to accept your new significant other may feel frustrating, but with a little patience (and perhaps a bit of help from a feline behaviorist), you should be able to overcome this temporary roadblock in due time.

Mostly B’s – I’m Indifferent to Your Presence
Your cat hasn’t given your new guy/gal the kiss-off, but he hasn’t welcomed him/her with open arms either. Allow kitty his space, and friendship will soon fall into place!

Mostly C’s – I Love You; I Really Love You!
Attribute it to a good upraising on your part, or simply kitty’s adoration for attention from new faces. Whatever the reason, your cat is loving your new guy/gal, and the time for you to experience your happily ever after is now!

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