Quiz: Celebrities and Show Dogs

How well do you know celebrities and show dogs?

It is a natural pairing: glamorous show dogs and VIPs of the stage and screen. Hair and makeup become doubly important when there are stars on each end of the lead. Although few celebrities actually handle their dogs in the ring, many have been avid exhibitors over the decades. In honor of Westminster, the February event that annually draws dog-loving celebrities ringside, try your hand at our quiz and see how many famous exhibitors you can name.

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  1. This popular sitcom star and author exhibited Terriers of various breeds for many decades.
  2. Nancy Kulp played Miss Jane on The Beverly Hillbillies, and her dogs of this breed were shown by none other than Frank Sabella.
  3. Doberman Pinschers shone brightest for this Star Trek stalwart.
  4. Mary Tyler Moore and her husband exhibited these two breeds, one each from the Sporting and Hound Groups.
  5. Singer-actress Julie Andrews exhibited this Terrier breed.
  6. Julie Andrews’s late husband, Blake Edwards, came from a family that successfully bred and showed these two Working breeds.
  7. This acclaimed actor with a passion for harlequin Great Danes has been spotted at Westminster.
  8. Zeppo Marx was one of the earliest fanciers of this breed in the US.
  9. The doyenne of domesticity has exhibited Chows and French Bulldogs at the Garden.
  10. Before beginning her second career as a breeder, handler and judge, this woman earned acclaim as a silent-film star.
  11. Roger Caras, the “voice of Westminster” for many years, owned champions of this breed.
  12. Playwright Edward Albee owned and exhibited several dogs of this sighthound breed.
  13. This flamboyant entertainer was one of the country’s earliest breeders of the Chinese Crested.
  14. This famous West Coast judge was also  a distinguished part-time film actor.
  15. Broadway actress Gretchen Wyler owned this breed, including several champions.
  16. This distinguished stage and film actor bred and showed his own black Pugs.


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  1. Bill Cosby
  2. Greyhound
  3. William Shatner
  4. Golden Retriever & Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
  5. Scottish Terrier
  6. Great Dane & Doberman Pinscher
  7. Michael Douglas
  8. Afghan Hound
  9. Martha Stewart
  10. Lina Basquette
  11. Bloodhound
  12.  Irish Wolfhound
  13. Gypsy Rose Lee
  14. Tom Stevenson
  15. Great Dane
  16. Paul Winfield
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