Quick Tips: Indoor vs. Outdoor

According to most veterinarians, indoor cats lead longer, healthier lives. Here are the reasons to keep your pet indoors.

The indoor vs. outdoor battle rages on. One veterinarian’s standard answer is that if you want to expose your cat to cars, mean dogs, infectious diseases, mean cats, mean people, poisons and a whole host of other feline-unfriendly situations, then let it out just don’t ask your veterinarian to declaw it first. There is a reason that cats are fabled to have nine lives if left outside long enough most will eventually need them all and may use them up more quickly than an attached owner would hope.

Cats spend most of their time sleeping (18 to 19 hours per day), something cats seem to have no problem getting done in a small house or apartment. More-than-adequate exercise and entertainment can be easily arranged if you are willing to make the effort. If you absolutely must take Spunky outside, do it in a supervised situation, and make sure vaccinations are current. Giving a taste of the outdoors may be a can of worms you do not want to open for the notoriously curious cat.

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