Quick Tips: Increase Your Cat’s Sociability

Use daily play sessions to increase your cat's tolerance of people and other pets.

Schedule daily play periods when you can concentrate on your cats. These sessions should take place in a room your cats like. After several minutes of play, switch feline partners, then interact with the cats together. After playtime, groom, stroke or relax with the cats. Such interaction will increase your cats’ tolerance of each other and reduce their rivalry. When stroking or interacting with either cat, mention the other cat’s name to form a positive association between the two.

To boost your cats’ acceptance of other people, invite a friend to the house (someone with a mellow personality) shortly after the cats’ feeding time. Have the friend interact with the more trustful cat, observe the other at play, then slowly join in with the less trusting cat. Also, find a cat-sitter with a relaxed manner. He or she can even run through the previously mentioned procedure with your cats. Repetition is the key when trying to extend a cat’s sociability. Remember, change always takes time, so be patient.

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