Quick Tips: How to Handle Mats

Cutting mats can be dangerous. Use a comb or brush instead.

Long hair needs extra care to prevent mats. Via Jumpinjim/Wikipedia

Grooming experts warn cat owners against cutting out mats. It is tempting because when you see a big clump of fur and you know your cat won’t hold still for more than a few seconds, you just want to help the cat quickly get rid of that clump.

“Do not attempt to cut mats yourself because you can easily cut the cat’s skin. Mats often sit right on the skin and you can end up with a big veterinary bill,” Kathy Salzberg, a 21-year grooming veteran and owner of The Village Groomer in Massachusetts, says.

“People come in all the time after cutting the skin. You should use a comb or brush,” advises Elaine Wexler-Mitchell, DVM.

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