Quick Tips: Grooming Your Cat

Most cats need no help keeping clean, but regular grooming can help you strengthen the bond with your cat.

Make your tabby top-notch with grooming tips. Via Pixabay

One of the benefits of cat ownership is that most cats come with an efficient, self-cleaning mechanism their own tongues. Some longer-haired, allergic, obese, ill or flea-ridden cats may require bathing. Most cats, however, would prefer that you let them do the work, and relatively few shirk the responsibility. The self-cleaning also provides adequate brushing. For cats that like additional dermal stimulation, brushing is a great way to spend some quality time with your feline friend. Cats that do not adequately groom, that have matting or heavy shedding or that tend to vomit lots of hairballs should be brushed and groomed at least every other day, more often if needed even if they are not crazy about the prospect.

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