Quick Tips: Conquering Fleas

Is your cat suffering from fleas? Launch a multi-pronged attack to rid your pet of these pests.

Eliminating fleas can be one of the most intensely frustrating experiences a cat or dog owner can attempt. The No. 1 thing recommended for cat flea control is to keep your cat inside; it’s generally easier to treat your living space than the great outdoors. A multifaceted approach to flea control is essential for rapid relief. “On cat” control (dips, sprays, powders, flea combing, bathing), “in cat” control (new orally administered insect growth or development regulators) and environmental control (frequent vacuuming, area sprays, bombs and boric acid salts in the carpet) are the quickest ways to a flea-free home. Ignoring any one of these areas will lengthen the battle; you may even lose the war.

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