Quick Tips: Chicken Soup for Cats

Sick cats often will not eat if they can't smell their food. Tempt your cat to eat by following these tips.

Cats that cannot smell often will not eat. If your cat is not eating, please take her to a veterinarian as soon as possible, as lack of appetite is a sign of illness. To maintain a sick cat’s strength, and to help it heal, consider these suggestions when feeding your cat:

1. Offer canned cat food. It has more aroma than dry, so sick cats are more apt to eat it.

2. Warm up food in a microwave. Heating food (don’t let it get too hot!) will release more odors that may stimulate the cat to eat.

3. Try baby food (without onion powder). Baby food has a strong smell and may help entice a sick or poorly eating cat. Tuna may also create an appetite in some cats, but it should not be used as an exclusive diet long term.

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