Questions Surround Deaths Of Zebra Finches In Park Aviary

A veterinarian will conduct a postmortem after 35 birds were found dead.

Central Park in Peterborough, UK suffered a loss over the long Christmas weekend. Roughly half of the zebra finches kept at the park? aviary were found dead. Fiona Radic, a frequent visitor to the park, told Peterborough Today that she had gone to the park for a walk with her friend when the friend saw the birds.

“My friend reckoned they couldn? get to the food. The feeders were so low, nearly empty and the birds who were able to get the seed had to be able to get their heads right inside the feeder. Lots just didn? look good: they were giving up. There were two shivering together on a branch. The dead ones looked so small,?Radic told Peterborough Today.

Kieron King said that the birds are fed daily, according to Peterborough Today. “Following the bank holiday 35 finches have been found dead. The RSPCA and a vet attended and inspected the aviaries and birds. A vet is assessing the remaining birds and will carry out a postmortem on one of the dead birds to determine the cause of deaths.?

King, who is the Principle Operations Manager for Amey, added that the park also houses parakeets and budgies in its aviaries and those species were not affected.

Information on when the cause of death may be determined has not been reported.

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