Quebec City Mayor Backtracks On Plan To Ban Pit Bulls

Régis Labeaume said last month that there will be no Pit Bulls in the city by Jan. 1, 2017.

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Some pit bull owners in the Canadian city say they will accept a muzzle ordinance in an effort to stop an outright ban of pit bull type dogs. Via Tatiana Sapateiro/Wikipedia
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The mayor of Quebec City in Canada last month announced plans to ban Pit Bull dogs from the city in 2017, but this month he apparently took it back.

“We made the decision yesterday at the Executive Committee meeting. It’s very simple. We decided that there will be no Pit Bulls within Quebec City as of Jan. 1, 2017,” Mayor Régis Labeaume said in a June 16 statement, according to CTV News Montreal. “In the next six months owners of Pit Bulls will have to resolve their situation, and that means getting rid of their Pit Bulls.”

On July 4, Mayor Labeaume said he only wanted to start a dialogue on the issue of banning Pit Bulls, and not to implement an outright ban of the dog.

“We won’t eliminate Pit Bulls,” Labeaume told CBC News Canada. “We wanted to hit hard so things would move.”

This revelation came after about 50 dog owners marched on Quebec City Hall demanding that the mayor compromise on the planned bylaw. As part of the proposed ban, existing Pit Bull-type dogs living in the city would also be banned, unlike in other municipalities that have grandfathered in so-called bully breeds already living in those areas, according to CBC News Canada. This upset owners. Some said they would uses leashes and muzzles on their dogs in an effort to stop an outright ban on the dog.

One owner, Lucie Carrière, said that the dog is not the problem, but rather certain people who keep the dog are the problem.

“When there are no more Pit Bulls and there are still people being bitten, what are you gonna do?” Pit Bull owner Carrière told CBC News Canada. “Are you gonna ban all the breeds? Because there are other breeds that will hurt people, it’s inevitable.”

Labeaume told CBC News Canada that he wasn’t going to adopt the bylaw and will wait for the new regulations that will come out of the Quebec government. It is likely, according to the premier of Quebec, that the province will ban the Pit Bull, in line with the province of Ontario, according to CBC News Canada.

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