Quality Marine Fish Collectors Discover New Anthias Species

Quality Marine announced that two of its fish collectors in New Caledonia has discovered a new species of Anthias. Fish collector Tony Nahacky first saw the species and collector Antoine Teitelbaum was first to collect it.The fish is a deepwater species that is found in large schools, primarily feeding on zooplankton and other foods, according to the press release. When the fish arrived at Quality Marine, the experts there were unable to identify it so Nahacky and Teitelbaum turned to professional ichthyologists who said it is indeed a new species.

Quality Marine also said that it has two large schools of the fish and are observing their behavior, noting that they seem to be less aggressive than other Anthias of similar size. The fish are currently feeding on Nutramar OVA as well as mysis shrimp, enriched brine shrimp, krill chopped prawn and other finely diced meaty foods. Although no scientific name has been given to this fish, Teitelbaum has called them New Caledonia Sunrise Anthias.

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