Quaking But Not Shaking

We had a not-so-little earthquake over the weekend, and I’m still a little shaken. This one was centered about 10 miles from my home, and I don’t remember ever having stuff fall off shelves like they did on Sunday night.

I’m always caught off guard when a quake hits, but my flock isn’t. In fact, I’m usually making a beeline for Gracie’s cage about 30 seconds before an earthquake strikes because that’s when he typically thrashes about the cage as if in a night-fright episode. I’ve always considered him my earthquake alarm.

This time around though, I didn’t hear anything from the birds except a couple of low squawks while the house was shaking. When I checked the bird room, I found a small garden shovel, a bike helmet and three plastic jars of Play Dough that had tumbled off the shelves near their cages. Strangely, the birds were sitting quietly on their perches, as if nothing happened.

This wasn’t the “big one,” so perhaps the flock has a secret pact not to get too worked up over some tumbling Play Dough, and to save the real alarm calls for when a Coke fridge-pack box passes by the cage … like they did last week.

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