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This small South American parakeet is a common sight in the United States, both in the home and flying free in urban centers where it has made a home for its wild flock. Sometimes called hooded parrots, monk parrots or quaker parakeets, quaker parrots are intelligent and social birds. Known for a talking ability that rivals an African grey parrot and Amazon parrot, the quaker parrot is slightly longer and bulkier than a cockatiel and can live up to 30 years.

Quaker parrots are sometimes fussy and “cuss” (or emit a fussing sound), especially about their cages. They like their cages to be in a specific way, and owners report that their quaker parrots will go to great lengths to arrange their cage just how they like it. This may be attributed to their nesting instinct: quaker parrots, both wild and tame, are the only parrots that build nests, and elaborate ones at that. Keep an eye on your pens, glasses and other things a quaker parrot likes, as it can end up in a nest!

Unfortunately, quaker parrots are illegal to own and sell in 10 states, as they are considered to be pests to agriculture. (Contact your state’s Fish and Wildlife Department to find out if quaker parrots are legal in your state or check our “Where Can You Own A Quaker Parrot? Infographic.”)

If it’s alright to own one in your state, and you don’t mind the occasional fussing, a playful, loving and talkative quaker parrot might be right for you! .

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