Q&A With Fish Tank Kings’ Francis Yupangco

With Nat Geo Wild picking up a second season of the popular aquarium show, head marine biologist gives a glimpse of what to expect.

Nat Geo Wild has picked up a second season of Fish Tank Kings, a show that follows custom aquarium manufacturer Living Color Aquariums as it builds out and stocks some of the most extreme and outrageous aquariums for a diverse and eclectic clientele. The episodes go behind the scenes of Living Color Aquariums as the aquarium building team determines customer needs and specs out aquariums accordingly and works with the head marine biologist who chooses appropriate and compatible tank mates for each aquarium. FishChannel had the chance to speak briefly with Francis Yupangco, head marine biologist at Living Color Aquariums on what the team learned from the first season and gives a glimpse of what to expect in season 2.  

FC: How challenging was the first season of Fish Tank Kings? Any hiccups?
Francis Yupangco: The most challenging thing for the first season was getting all the cast members comfortable being on camera. There were definitely some nervous and awkward moments at the beginning. Luckily there were no major hiccups but, completing large aquarium builds on a tight timeline is always stressful.

FC: What did the Living Color Aquariums crew learn from the first season of Fish Tank Kings?
Francis Yupangco: The TV crew was with us every day for 4 months. We eventually learned to be ourselves on camera and almost ignore the fact that they were there. We also learned that some TV viewers will scrutinize every little detail of what is shown. We will try and be more conscious of that for the second season.

FC: What changes have been made going into season 2?
Francis Yupangco: One of the biggest criticisms we received from our fans was that there seemed to be some moments of contrived drama in season 1. For season 2 our goal is to tone down the drama and more heavily focus on the aquarium manufacturing process, fish biology, water chemistry and specimen selection and acquisition. 

FC: How will season 2 differ from what we saw in season 1? Any new crew or cast?
Francis Yupangco: The cast will remain the same. You can expect to see more of the manufacturing process of our aquariums and biological aspects of what goes into building large aquariums. You will see larger and more complex aquarium builds in season 2 as well as several very cool trips to exciting locations to find some unique animals.

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