Purrs in the Key of Life

Nora the Piano-Playing Cat finds fame and gives fortune to shelter animals.

“Nora doesn’t purr very often, but she always purrs when she plays the piano,” says Betsy Alexander, owner of the 21st century media sensation, Nora the Piano-Playing Cat.

The Philadelphia-based music teacher lives happily with six rescued cats, one of which leaves her paw prints all over what’s supposed to be a shiny Yamaha piano. Nora the cat is a modern day equivalent of 1950s TV star Lassie the dog, who also was profiled in national publications, such as “LIFE” magazine. Nora has been featured all over the media, from New York City to Japan.

**Get the September 2008 issue of CAT FANCY to read the full article.**

To chat with Nora on her CatChannel Cat Blog, click here.

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