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A Tip of the Hat
On behalf of my fianc and myself, I want to express my appreciation for your magazine. Your tireless efforts have made reading CAT FANCY a most rewarding experience.

Cat owners rely heavily on the information distributed throughout your magazine. Devotion such as yours allows us to maintain a strong knowledge that is essential to our pets well-being. Your efforts contribute to animal awareness and that, as you know, means better health for our lovable felines.

Thank you for all of your hard work. A cat owners success depends on a magazine like yours. Hats off to you!

Dean Stone
Long Beach, Calif.

Create a Litterbox

I have enjoyed your magazine for many years. My husband brought me my first cat when you began publishing and I have been hooked ever since. Your articles have helped me take care of my cats throughout the years.

Our cats enjoy an enclosed patio where they have a sofa and a chair, just like us humans. And of course they also have many scratching posts and litterboxes. One litterbox I designed myself out of a dog crate. I bought a dog crate that had the same enclosure on both the top and bottom and then split it into two parts. And voila! There I have two large litterboxes. Most litterboxes these days are fairly small and with the clan I have, I need the extra room. I hope this tip will help other cat owners.

Keep up the good work. Ill keep on reading.

Simi Valley, Calif.

Share a Story
My daughter Ann in Ohio got us a subscription to CAT FANCY for Christmas and my wife Anna and I enjoy the magazine very much.

A few months ago, we had quite an episode with our 18-year-old female named Izzy and a 4-year-old male we gave a home and named Sammy. I wrote the story for a local newspaper for which I write a travel column. Anna and I have been married for 51 years and have owned cats for most of those years, but this was the strangest thing we have ever had with the cats that have lived with us. Now Sammy has become a very important member of our family and we have become very close to him.

Bill Beeman
Lake Lure, N.C.

Join the Club
I am a fifth-grade English teacher at a bilingual school in Chicago, Ill. Never before have I had such a group of serious cat lovers as this year. Since the beginning of the school year, my students have wanted to read about, write about and talk about cats all the time! Many have cats; many beg to have one. I was pleased to see your magazine accepts entries from young readers, so I encouraged my students to submit some entries. 

I myself have a beloved Maine Coon, Zico, age 10, and I have never lived in a house without at least one feline resident. Some of the other teachers and I decided to form a club where we get together at lunch, read CAT FANCY and talk about our cats. 

Hadley Smillie
Chicago, Ill.

Create Your Own Cat Door
I noticed in an article in one of your magazines where someone suggested cutting out a corner of the closet door to let their cat get to the litterbox in the closet. Well, I was shocked as I am in real estate and management of rental properties. This idea looks great and is an added feature to any house.

My clever husband created one for our home. He took a wooden door with louvers on top that swings both ways and cut in a heart shaped hole in it large enough for the cats. Now our cats can get to and from their litterbox at any time and we do not have to worry about whether we left the door open or closed. It enables our cats to run and hide from the dogs and the dogs can no longer eat the cat nuggets or litter. In addition, because the door swings both ways, the dogs are afraid to through the door because their bodies would get stuck, but they still love to put their heads through the heart hole to watch the cats.

So, thanks to the new door, we all live in peace and harmony here.

Kathy Collins
Hereford, Ariz.


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