Purassic World: The Inevitable Sequel to Jurassic Kitten

The sequel to Jurassic Kitten has just been released. And it’s awesome.

Jurassic Park was so successful that they made sequels, including the recent box office smash, Jurassic World. Then somebody had the brilliant idea to turn Jurassic Park into Jurassic Kitten, which we featured. And, come on, that was pretty cool. The next logical move was to make a sequel to Jurassic Kitten, right?

Cat lovers, it has happened. The long-awaited sequel to Jurassic Kitten is here. Purassic World was released via Tumblr just six days ago, reimagining the original dinosaur film as a cat-filled feature. We think it’s brilliant. A movie with Chris Pratt in it is great just on its own, but when it’s Chris Pratt and kittens? That’s even better.

Check out images from Purassic World, courtesy of Tumblr.

Wouldn’t you love to see this movie?

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