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Puppy Pulls Another Dog By The Leash To Go On A Walk

Gypsy the puppy wants to go for a walk with a dog named Jagger. He's not that into it, but this little lady is DETERMINED.

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Come onnnnnnn, dude! Let's go. Let's go. Let's GO!

The most successful creatures in life also happen to be the most determined, and this little puppy is no exception.

In a video uploaded to YouTube last month by user Timmy Kelly, but still making the Internet rounds due to extreme cuteness, a puppy named Gypsy is desperately trying to get her buddy Jagger to go on a walk with her. She’s pulling at his leash and trying with all her might to drag him along, but he’s a big dog to budge and she struggles with it.

Just a quick walk, Jagger. Five minutes. Just five minutes. Via YouTube

Just a quick walk, Jagger. Five minutes. Just five minutes. Via YouTube

Does that stop her? Does that make her give up and abandon her goals? Nope. Gypsy may be small but she is clearly a force to be reckoned with. She keeps pulling and pulling, refusing to give up on her dream of going for a trot with her pal.

No, it's THIS way.  Via YouTube

No no, it’s THIS way. Via YouTube

There are a few moments when Jagger pulls the leash out of Gypsy’s mouth and starts to walk away. That doesn’t slow her down either though. She just goes right after it again and begins her pulling in the opposite direction, forcing Jagger to back step (and side step) onto the grass.

Hey, get back here!  I'm not done with you yet.  Via YouTube

Hey, get back here! I’m not done with you yet. Via YouTube

We can all learn something from Gypsy. She determines what she wants, finds a way to get what she wants, and doesn’t abandon that quest, no matter how impossible the goal might seem. She should really be President of all the pups. #Gypsy2016

I'll never let go, Jag. I'll never let go.  Via YouTube

I’ll never let go, Jag. I’ll never let go. Via YouTube

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