Group Of Sailors Rescue Puppy Lost At Sea

After a puppy named Noodle fell off a ferry and into the Gulf of Naples, a group of sailors saved him just in time.

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Noodle is safe and sound! Via RYCC Savoia/Facebook

A puppy named Noodle just had a very stressful journey home.

As reported by ABC News in Australia, a puppy named Noodle was lost at sea after falling off of a ferry and into the Gulf of Naples. He had been traveling with his new owner, Mario Di Meglio, and heading to his new home when he slipped out of his leash and fell overboard.

Di Meglio told ABC News that he alerted the ferry crew right away, but they assumed the dog had already drowned and refused to stop.

Thankfully, in a video uploaded to YouTube by RYCC Savoia, a group of sailors from the RYCC Savoia club got to Noodle just in time to save him from the treacherous and chilly ocean water.

"Just keep swimming, Noodles!" Via YouTube

“Just keep swimming, Noodle!” Via YouTube

Sailor Massimiliano Cappa told La Repubblica, “He was visibly exhausted, his legs almost paralyzed by the cold. He trembled and wept.”

This one brave warrior puppy. Via YouTube

This is one brave, warrior puppy. Via YouTube

The sailors called a rescue boat, and Noodle was taken to land where he reunited with his owner.

What a wonderful happy ending for Noodle!

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