Puppy Survives 3 Gunshot Wounds

This resilient little puppy is a survivor looking for a new leash on life.

As stories of gun violence spread through the news, it’s sad, but not surprising to learn that dogs can be among the victims of these horrible, gun-related crimes.

A 5 month old puppy, had been missing for a few days from his home in Chimacum, Washington. When he returned home, his owner found a total of three gunshot wounds on his head and back. Investigators are still on the lookout for the shooter with no leads as to who would have done this to a sweet little pup. The Humane Society of Jefferson County is offering a $500 reward for any information that may lead to an arrest and conviction in the case.

The puppy who has been renamed “Victor” based on his victory over this horrible event, required extensive and expensive surgery that his owner was unable to afford so they enlisted the Humane Society’s help, who contacted Rescue Every Dog. They were then able to bring him to a local vet, where Victor’s wounds were fully assessed.

“Because the bullets went through his forehead and straight down, they had to be looking in his face, right into his eyes, when they shot him,” says Tiami Coleburg, a spokesperson for Rescue Every Dog.

Victor may need more surgery in the future, but for now, he is steadily recovering with a foster family until he is read to find his new forever home.

In spite of the events that occurred, his caretakers are happy to report that he has maintained much of the enthusiasm that 5 month old puppies generally have.

“He gets up in the morning and is so excited to see me,” foster mom Cori Barkey tells Komo News.

 Rescue Every Dog is currently accepting applications from interested families. For more information visit RescueEveryDog.org



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