Puppy Subscription Service? For Free? Yes, Please.

Free Puppies Forever will deliver a puppy and puppy care products to you every 12-15 months in perpetuity, all in the name of good.

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Who are you to resist regular puppy shipments?
Anastasia Thrift

Is there a puppy-shaped hole in your heart? Well, never worry about that again because a new subscription service will fill it.

Free Puppies Forever provides, well, free puppies forever.

“With Free Puppies Forever you’ll get a free puppy with free food, free vet care and even free boarding when you go on holiday,” the site declares.

You simply need to meet a few requirements and then you’re on your way to a life full of puppy happiness.

Subscription boxes have never been better. Via VisionAustralia/YouTube

Subscription boxes have never been better. Via VisionAustralia/YouTube

OK, so this is actually a pretty clever campaign for Seeing Eye Dogs Australia, which provides dog guides free of charge to people who are blind or have low vision throughout Australia.

Behold your adorable new puppy. Via VisionAustralia/YouTube

Behold your adorable new puppy. Via VisionAustralia/YouTube

Once your puppy is old enough (12-15 months old), he’ll go on to be trained as a guide dog and eventually help vision-impaired people. And then you can help raise yet another potential seeing eye dog. It’s not only fun but rewarding.

“When your pup is old enough to train to become a Seeing Eye Dog through Vision Australia you can get a new puppy,” the Free Puppies Forever website states. “That’s right, you could have a free puppy forever.”

Where do I sign, you ask? First, here are the requirements.

You must socialize your dog and train him or her with the basics. You’ll get help with training and also with socialization; as a Seeing Eye Dog in training your dog can go EVERYWHERE with you — stores, restaurants, etc. Which is good, because another requirement is that you leave your puppy alone no more than 3 hours at a time.

Truth in advertising Via VisionAustralia/YouTube

Truth in advertising Via VisionAustralia/YouTube

The dog must be allowed inside and you have to have a secure yard. A puppy supervisor might drop by from time to time and you’re required to be available for that, as well as for some group training. So basically you have to be open to seeing some more puppies. It’s really a win-win-win-win situation.

The key requirement, however, is that you live in Victoria, Queensland or New South Wales. Until the dog program comes stateside — and it really, really should — perpetual puppy delivery will be only a dream for many of us.

Enjoy, Australia! And good luck to all the puppies in training for such a great goal.

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