Tiny Bulldog Puppy Sounds Like A Squeak Toy

Even big Bulldogs start out as squeaky puppers.

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Be afraid. Be very afraid. Via fastassbass509/Rumble
Anastasia Thrift

Sometimes, a dog’s bark is worse than his bite. And sometimes, a dog’s bark barely sounds like a bark at all, let alone any kind of scary sound.

A Bulldog named Greta’s voice sounds more like a squeaky toy than a bark in a Rumble video posted by fastassbass509. The super small puppy is like a living, breathing, squeaking Bulldog toy more than anything.

Her owner calls to her and provokes her tiny response. She growls and acts tough, but the sound that comes out is like a little angry angel’s voice.

The bigger she gets, the more likely Greta’s voice will beef up. Until then, however, her sweet little bark is about as ridiculously cute as she is.

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