Puppy Safety From A to Z

What you need to know to protect your puppy.

Appliances. You’d be amazed at how badly your puppy wants to find out what’s inside the refrigerator, the stove, the dishwasher, and the washer and dryer! It’s easy to unwittingly shut the door of an appliance and trap your puppy inside. Before you close anything, make sure your puppy is safe and sound and outside.

Barricades. Don’t give your puppy the run of the house. Keep him safe by keeping him contained. Barriers, such as baby gates, are effective at keeping little paws out of harm’s way. For example, using a barrier to keep your puppy out of the kitchen while you’re cooking reduces the chances of him getting stepped on or burned. An X-pen or crate will keep your puppy safely out of mischief when you’re away at work or any other time when you can’t watch him. Cratetraining is also invaluable when housetraining and to help teach puppy when to be calm. Also, put safety latches on off-limits cabinets.

Chemicals. Take a look under your kitchen sink and in your cabinets you’ll be amazed at the variety of chemicals you keep around the house. Household cleaners, dishwashing and laundry detergents, mothballs, drain cleaners and insecticides can all spell trouble for a puppy who ingests them.  

If the product’s label says “Keep away from children,” keep it away from your puppy, too. To keep your puppy safe, store household chemicals in a cabinet or on a high shelf where he can’t reach, and clean up any spills immediately.

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