Puppy Prays With Owner Before Eating His Dinner

It's truly a miracle that this 11-week-old puppy has the willpower to pray in front of a dish full of food.

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Let's also thank God for this puppy's miraculous patience.
Chrissa Hardy

Before dinner, a lot of us will say a prayer acknowledging how lucky we are to have food on the table.

But regardless of the importance of showing gratitude, it’s hard to resist digging right in as soon as the plate touches the table. It’s like, “Here’s the food! Now sit there and not eat it for the next minute or two, no matter how much your stomach is growling.”

This is tricky enough for humans to do, but miraculously, an 11-week-old puppy has mastered it too! In a video uploaded to YouTube by Chris Credendino, a puppy named Kahlua takes a moment to pray alongside his owner before digging into his dinner.

Via Chris Credendino/YouTube

Let us pray. Via Chris Credendino/YouTube

Kahlua’s owner pours the kibble in the dish and gives gives the pup the signal to stop, drop and pray.

Via Chris Credendino/YouTube

HOW IS HE DOING THIS THOUGH? Via Chris Credendino/YouTube

And Kahlua actually waits with his dish full of food right in front of him.

Via Chris Credendino/YouTube

Amen, indeed. Via Chris Credendino/YouTube

When the prayer ends, the signal is given for Kahlua to chow down, and that he does.

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