Puppy Potty Schedules: Owner Works Nights

Whether you work all day, all night, part time, or from home, there's a proposed schedule to satisfy you and your new puppy.

PuppyThis situation calls for a reverse of the first scenario. The puppy will be sleeping all night, so his elimination needs will be minimal. A very young puppy may need to go out at least once during the night or early morning hours before you get home. Fortunately, by the time the puppy is 12 weeks old he should be able to sleep through the night in his crate.

For the young puppy, you’ll need to have someone available to take him out when he awakens and whimpers or fusses, indicating his need to urinate. As soon as he eliminates, he should be returned to his crate immediately without a lot of conversation or attention, as that will make him think its time to get up when, in fact, its still the middle of the night. Just put him back in his crate and turn out the light; he’ll settle down again quickly.

During the day, you’ll be home to take him out when he needs to go. His frequent need to urinate will subside soon, so you’ll have only a few weeks during which your normal sleep pattern will be broken into shorter periods.

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Reprinted from House-training Your Dog © 2005. Permission granted by Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press.

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