Puppy Potty Schedules: Owner Works All Day

Whether you work all day, all night, part time, or from home, there's a proposed schedule to satisfy you and your new puppy.


  • When puppy awakens in the morning
  • After breakfast
  • Before noon meal
  • After noon meal
  • As soon as you get home
  • Before evening meal
  • After evening meal
  • During evening
  • At bedtime

A very young puppy will need a noon meal, and he’ll need to go out before and after his lunch. If you can’t get home at lunchtime, someone else will need to take care of the puppy at noontime. Therefore you’ll need to arrange help from a friend, a neighbor, a family member or a pet sitter who can stop by your place and care for the puppy during the lunch hour.

A new popular option for dog owners is doggie daycare, a true blessing for busy dog owners who work 9-to-5 days. If your puppy meets the basic socialization requirements, he should be accepted into the daycare center. You can bring the puppy to the center every morning on your way to work and then pick him up on your way home in the evening. During the day, he will be taken outdoors frequently and also given his midday meal according to your directions. You may or may not be required to provide his particular brand of food, but the daycare employees will gladly feed him at lunchtime. Depending on the facility, there may be playtime with other puppies, kindergarten puppy classes, grooming, veterinary care and much more available to your puppy.

Generally the cost for this type of service is quite affordable. Most such centers offer a weekly rate for dogs who spend every weekday there. When searching for a good daycare center, you will need to visit the facility with your puppy. The quality establishments will evaluate you and your dog just as you will evaluate their services. You should take note of the following things: Is the place clean? Do the dogs seem to get along well together? Are the employees kind and competent? Are the puppies and very young dogs kept separately from the large dogs? It is wise to speak to other dog owners who use the center and get their opinions. Your veterinarian may also be familiar with the center and its services.

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Reprinted from House-training Your Dog © 2005. Permission granted by Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press.

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