Puppy, Meet the World.

Learn how socialization gives pups a head start.

As family therapists, Mike O. and his fiancee Allison S. of Pennsylvania know the importance of early socialization. So, when they got two 8-week-old puppies — Boston Terrier Abbott and Pug-Beagle mix Emma — they started socializing them right away.

At first, the pups accompanied them on neighborhood jaunts, encountering new territory and people eager to make their acquaintance. Then, at their veterinarian’s suggestion, the foursome took a puppy care and socialization class at a veterinary hospital.

“The class included getting the puppies out around the facility, walking from room to room, riding the exam tables up and down, and meeting the staff,” Mike says. “We spent time with each other’s puppies, playing and getting them to obey commands from different people.”

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