Puppy Majorly Overreacts To Getting Caught Tearing Up Paper

When this sweet-looking puppy gets caught tearing up paper, it decides to leave no witnesses.

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Don't let the cute face fool you. This puppy is a stone-cold killer. Via Chest-Bump/Vine
Stephanie Brown

What do you do when you get caught doing something bad? Make sure no witnesses survive to rat you out, of course.

In a Vine posted this week by user Chest-Bump, a puppy is caught tearing up some paper — like just really digging in and having at it. Upon realizing it has been caught red-handed, the puppy takes a moment to evaluate its options:

1. Make a big scene demonstrating how absolutely sorry it is and beg for forgiveness.

2. Slink away into the night like nothing happened.

3. Murder the witness.

Looks like this pup’s owner sleeps with the fishes tonight.

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