Puppy Learns To Go Down The Stairs By Himself, Makes Us All Feel Like Proud Parents

It took a lot of treats and a lot of "Good boy!" but Chumpie finally did it.

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We've all been there, Chumpie.

Gentle Canadian rapper Drake has a song called “Started From The Bottom,” which repeats the phrase “Started from the bottom/Now we here” approximately 15,000 times during its roughly 3-minute running time. That line was going through our heads while we watched adorable little Chumpie try to figure out how to go down the stairs.

In a video posted to Chumpie’s YouTube page, the 7-week-old Miniature Schnauzer confronts the stairs the way most of us confront a new challenge: by furiously barking at it, then running away. But he eventually comes back… and growls at it instead. Chumpie’s owners try to convince (read: bribe) him to take on his pile-carpeted nemesis, but he’s having none of it. At least not until he — wait for it — started from the bottom.

"Am I doing it? I'm doing it!" Via ChumpieTheDog/YouTube

“Am I doing it? I’m doing it!” Via ChumpieTheDog/YouTube

Chumpie learns to go down the stairs by literally starting at the bottom, stepping from the lowest stair onto the floor below, then moving up to the second stair, the third and eventually all the way to the top of the staircase. He gets a lot of treats, encouragement and “Good boy!” praise along the way, so surely it was worth it.

Maybe he’ll even get a shoutout from Drake.

“Started from the bottom, now we here,” he’ll say. “Started from the bottom, now that good boy Chumpie’s here.”

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