Impatient Puppy Interrupts Older Dog’s Bath Time

The youngster just can’t wait to get a bath of its own.

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Puppy jumps on the back of his older pal, who is at first annoyed and then totally resigned. Via KerouNaty/Rumble
John Virata

Some dogs love to get baths. Others don’t. If you have a dog who loves baths, giving that dog a bath is really simple. If your dog doesn’t like getting a bath, like my dog, it can be a chore chasing the dog down, getting a leash on her and watching her face sulk as you spray her with water.

Other dogs love water, as this video uploaded to Rumble shows. In the clip, a woman is giving her older dog a good washing when her puppy, not wanting to miss any of the action, starts jumping on the back of the older dog, trying to get at the water coming out of the spray nozzle at the end of the hose.

The older dog at first gets annoyed and walks away, but then relents and allows the puppy to climb up and over its back while gleefully trying to eat the water coming out of the hose. Puppy is certainly attracted to the shower spray, and when it comes time for a bath, there won’t be any sulking. It will be a fun, sudsy and wet experience.

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